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eGPU Solutions for Mobile Creative Professionals

    AMD vs NVidia eGFX eGPU

    AMD is introducing external GPU (eGPU) support for Radeon Pro WX Series graphics, giving professionals the power and flexibility they need to create wherever and whenever inspiration strikes” – Learn More

    Last month, AMD announced the Radeon Pro WX series, including WX5100 and WX7100, are now supported in the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box, adding to the similarly supported NVidia Titan and Quadro ranges. This now means that creative professionals no longer have to pick and choose what work they can perform in the field, or what platform and software tools they can use. While the NVidia Quadro GPU range has long been the workhorse of the video and design industries, AMD has been making some loud noises with the release of their new CPU and GPU solutions, both of which are delivering incredible performance results at a surprising level of affordability and have interesting, innovative design features.

    With the connection of a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, the new eGPU support allows you to rapidly, simply and affordably upgrade the performance of your portable workstation – No need for a new laptop. No need to re-install all your software. No need to start lugging around a desktop workstation. Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550 also adds the ability to power a compatible laptop via the Thunderbolt cable, further reducing cable clutter.

    The performance benefits of a powerful GPU for your creative software tools has to seen to be believed. Most now leverage the GPU to perform tasks such as rendering and encoding and are able to deliver results several times faster than using the CPU alone. Previously restricted to ‘gamer’ level GPU support, by adding workstation GPU compatibility, powerful and portable eGPU solutions can now be used to enhance any creative and performance computing requirement.

    Broadcast Bruce Stamp Portfolio

    For over 15 years Broadcast Bruce has helped creative professionals to invest confidently in the tools and skills that enable them to create and share their stories.

    Broadcast Bruce has empowered the acquisition, production and delivery of content across diverse platforms and regions. Specialising in bridging the worlds of traditional broadcast and the latest IT / IP technologies, Broadcast Bruce transitions your business infrastructure and opens opportunities for you to engage with your customers in new and exciting ways.

    Broadcast Bruce is driven by a passion for problem solving and leverages years of strong relationships with manufacturers and developers of best-in-class technologies from around the world – Technologies built into solutions to problems for large, global broadcasters and freelance producers; live sports and event production companies; post production facilities; education and government institutions; small businesses and international corporations.

    Sonnet Technologies eGFX Breakaway Box 550

    About Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box:

    Connect a High-Performance Graphics Card or Other Bandwidth-Hungry PCIe Card to a Thunderbolt™ 3 Equipped Computer

    Sonnet’s eGFX Breakaway Box Thunderbolt 3 to PCIe card expansion systems are designed specifically for GPU-intensive graphics cards. Functioning as a simple plug-in upgrade, a Breakaway Box boosts performance by connecting a high-performance desktop GPU card to a Thunderbolt 3-equipped computer. All models provide GPU support for computationally-intensive applications, supporting all Thunderbolt-compatible cards with popular GPU chipsets—such as AMD Radeon® and Radeon Pro; NVIDIA® GeForce®, TITAN X, and Quadro® cards.

    eGFX Breakaway Box 550 includes two 8-pin (6+2 pin) auxiliary power connectors, supports cards requiring 375W of power (equivalent to 600W recommended system power), and provides 87W of upstream power, useful for charging your notebook and reducing power supply and cable clutter. LEARN MORE

    eGFX Full GPU Compatibility

    Radeon Pro Badge Black

    About AMD Radeon Pro:

    “With Radeon™ Pro Technologies, the future is looking bright. We are helping people push the limits of what’s possible, providing new ways to access, visualize and interpret data, collaborate with others and share information…” LEARN MORE

    “The new Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 graphics card is the world’s most powerful single-slot workstation GPU1 and is designed for VR and the immersive computing era. VR, or Virtual Reality, is emerging as the next major industry inflection point for Design & Manufacturing as well as Media & Entertainment workflows. The Radeon Pro WX 7100 delivers the performance needed to drive user experiences to this next level of immersion…” LEARN MORE

    NVidia Quadro Badge

    About NVidia Quadro:

    “From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization, Quadro® is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals to accelerate their workflows, only Quadro has the most advanced ecosystem of hardware, software and tools to transform the disruptive challenges of today into business successes of tomorrow…” LEARN MORE

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    I am  always looking to connect with industry professionals with a passion for the technologies and processes of video creation. If you are keen for a coffee and a chat about what you are seeing going on around you – some new technology or policy; its impact and implications – please feel free to reach out and connect. More ways to Contact Broadcast Bruce

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