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Social Media Live Production & Fly Away Kits

It’s not like you want the Holy Grail. You want simplicity, reliability and affordability. Your viewers expect quality. Social Media Live Production is not always as simple as a webcam in front of a computer screen and if you are delivering production services in corporate, entertainment and education environments, you will know that the expectations can be as demanding as any traditional broadcast. Also, the environments can be as varied and challenging as a field, to a busy street to a crowded office.

Blending the latest technologies with traditional and reliable production tools, a fly away kit should be compact and still flexible enough to meet the demands of constantly evolving production environments and customer expectations. Components should work seamlessly together, but should also be easily exchanged and customised as needs demand. There are countless brands, models, options and variables that require consideration when building a studio – building a portable one creates its own challenges, not least of which are space and weight restrictions.

While constraints will inevitably introduce limitations, you can still have what you want – simple, reliable and affordable – while delivering the quality that your viewers demand.

The Store will only show you components. Speak with Bruce if you need advice on planning and tailoring a solution.

Mobile video production fly away kits

A mobile production studio can comprise of any number of individual tools, components and accessories. You can cart them around in boxes, foamed out cases or fully customised road cases with racks that open out to provide work surfaces. There is no one correct way of doing things, but there are certainly things that should be avoided and should be considered. It’s worth comparing notes and having a set of fresh eyes go over your plan if you have one just to make sure something simple won’t bring you undone in the middle of a shoot.

Social Media Live Production Rack Road Case Fly Away Kit

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