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Professional Video Solutions for Schools & Students

I am passionate about education. Training and skill development are a primary focus for Broadcast Bruce and I am always on the look out for opportunities to leverage technology to not just improve the effectiveness and power of an education platform, but to increase its reach and accessibility, enabling the delivery of knowledge to places and people previously denied it. Broadcast Bruce has a long history of delivering professional video production solutions to schools, as well as supporting students with access to the tools and skills they need to ultimately join the creative industries.

Education institutions will generally have unique needs and expectations when compared to production and broadcast businesses. They require systems that will provide students with exposure to the professional tools they will use in the workforce, but do so with limited technical engineering and support resources to hand, and limited budget. Schools are not likely to have broadcast engineers on staff to maintain and repair highly technical equipment. They are also not often drawing a direct income from hiring out the equipment and facilities as a business would, but will often need to utilise them to deliver internal services like community communications and promotional content. Finding a balance between technical and operational capability, expectations and budgetary constraints takes an in depth understanding of the unique environment schools create, and the technologies and tools available in the market.

Gone are the days where ‘broadcast standards’ demanded broadcaster budgets, with broadcasters themselves having to rapidly evolve and re-skill to ensure that they are not being trapped into expensive production processes, simply due to a failure to stay modern and agile. It is possible, with modern tools and up-to-date technical understanding, to build systems that are powerful, flexible, capable AND affordable. Broadcast Bruce specialises in the development of tailored professional video solutions, leveraging exciting, new technologies that simplify the processes of creating and sharing content, ensuring you can continue to offer acquisition, live production, post production and streaming skills that will be relevant in the future of this industry.

Here is a simple studio build for a university to deliver their Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Discounts for Schools & Students

A number of the products and services offered by Broadcast Bruce may qualify for additional pricing support from the manufacturer if you are a student or educational institution. While the requirements and discounts vary, the expectation is generally that the school is recognised as such by the relevant state or federal authority, or that the student has an ID confirming enrolment in a relevant course, such as Film Studies, Media or Communications. 

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