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Broadcast Bruce Pre-Order Policy

Broadcast Bruce does not charge deposits or take payment for pre-orders until they are ready to ship.

A pre-order allows you to register your interest and to establish your position in the queue for a product that has not yet been released by the manufacturer or developer. It ensures that you will be among the first in the queue to receive your order once the product is ready to ship. Importantly, it also ensures that we, manufacturers and the local distributors can forward plan, build and order sufficient stock to meet demand.


  1. Please CONTACT BRUCE and provide:
    • Your Full Name, Billing/Delivery Address, Phone Number and Email Address.
    • Include the name of the product and the 'SKU' from the product page, if known.
    • Please also confirm quantities and if additional accessories will be required. Speak to us if you have any concerns about technical and operational requirements.
  2. You will be sent a pro-forma invoice number as a reference and to confirm that the pre-order is in the system. Please do not pay this invoice.
  3. Once goods are ready to dispatch, the invoice will be re-sent with direct deposit details and a link to pay via credit card.
  4. Payment for pre-orders must be received within 48 hours of invoice or the stock will be made available to the next person in the queue.
  5. Orders are filled STRICTLY on a first come, first serve basis. We do not prioritise any customer or accept payment to advance an order in the queue.


Some important points to understand regarding pre-orders:

  1. As mentioned, you will not be charged until goods are ready to ship. However, if you change your mind, you are responsible for contacting Broadcast Bruce and cancelling your pre-order prior to delivery.
  2. Pre-Order ship dates are an estimate only. Often goods are delayed as a result of manufacturing issues, as well as shipping and import processes. We will attempt to keep customers updated if these dates change significantly, but please be aware that it is NOT a guarantee of delivery. It also does not include the time required to ship from Broadcast Bruce to you. This time needs to be added to the estimated ship date.
  3. Payment will be requested as soon as goods are ready to ship.
  4. We consider the pre-order a commitment as binding as any order and expect that customers will not take advantage of the process to place pre-orders with multiple suppliers. Customers that are found to be dishonouring their pre-orders at the time payment is due may be blocked from placing further pre-orders in the system. A pre-order is an order. The fact we don't take deposits or payment in advance is due to the trust and respect we hold for the creative professionals that we work with.
  5. All other store and business policies are at the bottom of the page and are still applicable, as are all protections offered to you under Victorian State and Australian Federal consumer law.