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IT Surveys & System Design

    Where is it? What does it do? How do I access it?


    Over time, as new equipment is installed, old equipment retired and technical managers come and go, it is not unusual to lose track of the what, where and how of all the IT and production equipment in a facility. This can lead to unnecessary equipment duplication, inefficient resource use and untraceable failures of critical business services.

    Broadcast Bruce can provide detailed site IT surveys, logging the physical specifications and configuration of all equipment – What it does, where it is, how it is accessed, managed, backed up and secured.

    Storage Diagram

    Data management, or ‘wrangling’, is an art and as such there is no one right way to manage your digital assets. That said, there are certainly wrong ways. While losing data is an obviously expensive proposition, inefficiencies such as duplication and un-allocated space, can also be costly to a business.

    Broadcast Bruce can document your servers, volumes and shares, and who has access to what. He can also build a complete data management and lifecycle plan to ensure critical assets are backed up and valuable assets are archived.

    Equipment Rack

    The physical security of your equipment is often overlooked. Dust, heat and power failures are detrimental to the reliability and life span of IT infrastructure. Over the years, cable management can also become chaotic, making it difficult to manage and support. Accidentally disconnecting power to a critical server, or patching a cable incorrectly, can lead to data loss and hardware failure.

    Broadcast Bruce can install racks, cable management and patch bays to keep your server room tidy, accessible and manageable. A correctly installed power redundancy system, or UPS, will also improve reliability and longevity of equipment by protecting it from power failures, brown outs and spikes. Once documented with system diagrams, anyone will be able to provide on going maintenance and administration of your systems.

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