Gaming & esports Live Event Production

The esports explosion has been going on for some years already, with the huge viewing and participation numbers, as well as the multi-billion dollar global market, being the envy of many established, traditional sports and events.

esports and gaming create exciting challenges when it comes to live production. It isn’t simply that there are a lot of video sources, many of them can be in non-traditional formats and high frame rates. Lighting can often be challenging. The action can be moving incredibly fast. Viewer numbers can be very high and these viewers are often very discerning, with expectations for the standards of production. There are also a number of different platforms with different technical requirements for the streams they receive.

While big esports arenas may be working with considerable budgets, smaller venues and events don’t have that luxury, but the challenges still exist.

The good news is that new technology has not just reduced the cost of capturing and streaming content, it has reduced the complexity of the equipment required. Where previously such events would demand expensive hardware for conversion, routing and switching, today low cost software and compact appliances are able to delivery comparable levels of quality and reliability. Brands like NewTek, BirdDog, Magewell, Marshall and Teradek are among those listed below that are at the forefront of developing powerful, but affordable technology for live event production.

No matter the scale of your event – the number of players, computers, boards or tables – if you want to capture and live stream it, there are affordable and reliable technologies that can ensure you deliver the highest quality content, to any number of viewers, on any platform.

Integrate Traditional Broadcast with Modern IP Production Workflows & Technologies

Any Source, Delivered Anywhere

Gaming and esports Live Events

PTZ Cameras

eSports can create challenging situations for cameras, whether its camera positioning, lighting or high speed movement, there is a PTZ camera suitable for any environment and any budget that will ensure complete camera and shot control.

PTZ Cameras

SDI & HDMI, Encoders & Decoders

Convert cameras, computers, consoles and other video sources into NDI, the most widely adopted industry standard for moving content over IP in Live Production and Broadcast


Miniature & Point of View Cameras

Capture players, miniatures, models, unique angles and points of view with pristine broadcast quality!

Marshall Miniature Cameras

Encoding & Streaming Appliances

HD or 4K, single channel or multi channel, whatever your source format, signal type, destination platform, Broadcast Bruce has a broad range of streaming solutions for simplifying and enhancing your events live stream. Need reliable Internet? Speak to Broadcast Bruce about routers and network solutions that will improve the performance and reliability of your streaming.

Encoding Solutions

Wireless Video

Move video around your event wirelessly without sacrificing quality, using lossless, zero latency transmission

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