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For over 15 years Broadcast Bruce has helped creative professionals to invest confidently in the tools and skills that enable them to create and share their stories.

Broadcast Bruce has empowered the acquisition, production and delivery of content across diverse platforms and regions. Specialising in bridging the worlds of traditional broadcast and the latest IT / IP technologies, Broadcast Bruce transitions your business infrastructure and opens opportunities for you to engage with your customers in new and exciting ways.

Broadcast Bruce is driven by a passion for problem solving and leverages years of strong relationships with manufacturers and developers of best-in-class technologies from around the world – Technologies built into solutions to problems for large, global broadcasters and freelance producers; live sports and event production companies; post production facilities; education and government institutions; small businesses and international corporations.

Got a problem you’re not sure how to fix? Considering a new technology investment? Call. Have a chat. It can’t hurt and maybe there’s an easier solution.

What Bruce Does...

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Acquisition, production, broadcast and post technology from best in class hardware manufacturers and software developers. Broadcast Bruce can supply new and pre-loved equipment, build fixed facilities and design mobile fly away solutions. Bruce specialises in custom technology solutions.



Investing in new kit? Ensure it’s pre-configured, fully integrated and comes with comprehensive training. Broadcast Bruce will not leave you un-supported, with new technology, but without the knowledge to use it or the tools to get it installed and working for you.

The Matrix


Be sure you are getting the most from the tools you have and that your technology is as focused as your people to deliver your goals. Broadcast Bruce always recommends that you call and have a chat first, before you commit to a technical investment. Sometimes an outside perspective is all that is needed to find an innovative workflow solution or uncover overlooked functionality in the tools you already posses.

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I am  always looking to connect with industry professionals with a passion for the technologies and processes of video creation. If you are keen for a coffee and a chat about what you are seeing going on around you Рsome new technology or policy; its impact and implications Рplease feel free to reach out and connect. More ways to Contact Broadcast Bruce

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