Broadcast Bruce is your Creative Technology Partner

Broadcast Bruce is not a retail outlet. We are a business partner. We understand the success of our clients business ensures our own success. We want to support you with our technical expertise and work with you to deliver your creative vision. Our consultative approach will give you confidence you are investing in the right tools to deliver your services.

Broadcast Bruce does not price match. We, like the creative professionals we support, understand that the longer term value of accurate, honest advice, service and support will far outweigh a small upfront saving – or a quick sale. As our customers know well, it costs to deliver a quality product or service. It requires time, experience and skill, and these things should be valued and rewarded.

You may just want to buy a piece of equipment, but it is worth remembering that this kit, if purchased wisely and supported properly, will return on the investment many times over. Your supplier should be a business partner that is committed to supporting your expertise with their own, supplying the right tool for the job, supporting it, and you, for the long term. Broadcast Bruce is your creative technology partner.

Don’t just hit ‘Buy Now’. Call and have a chat and we can work together to our mutual success.