Local Sport: Live Streaming and Production

Grow your club attendance, encourage player and fan interaction, sell your merchandise and ground services (pies), and get your team live streaming.

Not just live streaming matches, but also recorded training sessions, coach and player interviews, club events and community engagements. Use all this content to grow your brand, add value for your sponsors and get your fans more intimately involved in your clubs and venues activities. Content can be streamed to fans mobile phones via Facebook and YouTube, or delivered to local monitors and screens to improve fan experience and engagement. With engagement will come greater support from your community, success for the club and, hopefully, for the team.

Local Live Sport Production

The technology for capturing, producing and live streaming quality content like this used to be out of reach of local venues, clubs and teams. It was also unlikely that experienced technical managers and operators could be on staff to support and drive the equipment. Today, powerful hardware and software video production tools are not just affordable, but are simpler than ever to operate. Starting with as little as a small camera on a tripod, and a laptop with some free software, a team could be streaming interviews with coaches and players to fans. With just a little more investment, training sessions can be recorded, reviewed and analysed for coaching support. Not even a multi-camera live stream of your games is unattainable on limited budget and staff. A small flight case and a few compact cameras could be easily deployed into any field or facility without the need for specialised vehicles, cables and crew.

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