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Social Distancing Doesn’t Have To Mean Disconnection

    Stay Connected with Broadcast Bruce Live Streaming Video Production

    The truth is, you’ve been planning to do it for a while now. The value of video content, social media and live streaming as tools for customer engagement is well known. If you are selling products or services, you likely have an online presence for doing so. Even so, it is less likely that you are creating your own video content or hosting live streams. Similarly, there are many of you that have traditionally delivered your services in person, and while you may have dabbled in social media, the leap to a virtual service offering would probably have seemed daunting – or possibly unnecessary?


    Enter Covid-19. Everyone is obviously being affected. Sports clubs, venues, event organisers, musicians, artists and performers. Support staff from security services, to catering, road crews and hospitality workers. Large corporations and small businesses.

    The traditional industries that rely on the technologies I sell and support are going to be hit hard. The people and businesses that THEY in turn provide services to are being hit equally hard. Sporting events, plays, gigs, corporate events and festivals are some of the obvious cancellations, but there are countless smaller productions and events that are likely being overlooked by everyone, other than those that rely heavily on them for their livelihoods.

    But then there are those businesses that have not previously taken advantage of, or traditionally have not needed, video production, streaming and social media services. Their businesses are suffering just as much, but it seems some of them at least are accepting the challenge and working hard to ensure they come out the other side.

    Live Production Technology for Gaming and eSports Events

    Not surprisingly, the last month I have seen a huge increase in enquires for live streaming technology including switchers, cameras and encoding appliances. What is surprising is the diversity of people and businesses that are looking desperately for ways to stay connected with their clients and to continue delivering their services.


    Personal trainer, coach or instructor? Have you considered putting yourself on your clients TV’s and taking them through workouts and training sessions live in their lounge room?


    School or training facility? Are you going to be able to remotely deliver your courses to your students, or simply shutdown and refund them?

    The show must go on!? It may not be the same, but delivering your show to ticketed audiences online gives you some incredible creative flexibility, not least of which is simply ensuring everyone can see the stage and hear clearly. This last point can be particularly powerful for those with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairments. You can also get far more interactive with your audience, seeing and responding to feedback live, or hosting Q+A’s – engagement that would be hugely rewarding to fans, but in a traditional show is impossible to do coherently.

    live sport

    Sports teams large and small have failed to truly take advantage of the power and value of the content they have access to and can create. Members and the local community are often looking for opportunities to see the team, but more, interact with them.

    There are many houses of worship that have equipped themselves with production tools for putting content up on the big screen in-house, or for streaming out to their congregation. What opportunities does the congregation have to talk back? The power of these tools for bi-directional communication is often overlooked and perhaps under valued.

    There are some situations where in person is easier and is better. It may shock some, but not everything is made better by the Internet ;) When you’re suddenly not allowed to physically touch each other anymore however, there are some powerful benefits to having the right platform to deliver your services virtually:

    • Powerful and affordable creative tools
    • No limits to the size of your audience
    • Global reach with no logistical and travel expenses
    • Large scale events that still permit interaction on a personal level
    • Complete control of your viewers experience.

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