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NDI 5 – Moving Video, Moving the World

    NDI 5 eBook

    The latest version of NDI®, NDI® 5, brings a wealth of new features that even seasoned NDI® users will find valuable for video production. With NDI® 5 everyone can easily share live video with anyone else in real-time, using billions of devices. With a single download, creators and producers gain the ability to integrate more source devices and applications into their workflow, insert more content into their shows, and expand video opportunities throughout their network.

    “NDI is designed to harness the massive creative potential of software and networks, allowing anyone to work with video – and have fun doing it. All devices in the world are already connected. Now with NDI 5, you can easily build shows and share video between them, for free,”

    Dr. Andrew Cross, president of Research and Development for the Vizrt Group

    —The world’s most widely adopted software-defined IP video standard now allows anyone to easily share live, high quality, low latency video with anyone else in real time, using billions of devices—

    NDI version 5 – a true revolution in video storytelling that turns the whole world into your studio. From the planet’s largest broadcasters to billions of smartphone users with a story to tell, NDI 5 makes it possible, for the first time in history, to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world – allowing it to work with almost any video application in the world. Physical studios can connect to ones in the cloud and remote video production effectively becomes local.

    NDI Bridge

    Forming a secure bridge between any NDI network regardless of location, NDI Bridge redefines the concept of ‘remote workflows,’ opening up a wealth of new opportunities for live video production.

    NDI Remote

    Allows anyone using just a URL to contribute live audio and video using an Internet-connected device, like a camera phone or a web browser, to another point anywhere in the world. NDI Remote allows anyone, anywhere to contribute to a show – big or small.

    NDI Audio Direct

    Provides seamless integration of NDI audio into software-based audio workflows, be they across a local network, in the cloud or hybrid, setting your production free from the limitations of hardware audio mixers

    Reliable UDP

    As part of NDI’s mission to make video easier everywhere, RUDP transfer makes WAN and WiFi connections more resilient with less configuration required

    Apple Support

    Full support for Apple silicon systems, bringing full NDI capability to all macOS, iOS, tvOS and iPadOS devices for the first time

    Improved Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro support

    Adobe Premiere and After Effects plugin now features improved audio workflow. Updated plug-in allows output for Final Cut Pro with real-time audio and video frame buffer output

    And Much More!

    Including support for genlock – even remotely, selection of network adapters, and a reimagined, fresh interface and intuitive guidance built in.

    NDI 5 Infographic


    Why NDI?

    It isn’t simply that the technology is powerful, delivering impressive quality, low latency, simplicity and scale-ability for IP-based live production and broadcast over standard networks. What is more impressive is how accessible it has become. It is a technology that on its own when announced sounded nice, but offered little to most people. If you didn’t have a TriCaster, there wasn’t a lot you could do with it. Now, it has been adopted and integrated by literally thousands manufacturers and developers into a broad array of affordable software and hardware tools. Whether you’re streaming small corporate presentations, managing a house of worship or producing the biggest esports events for millions of viewers, it is highly probable there is an NDI tool in your arsenal. It is also likely that, if there is, you are looking to add more.

    NDI simplifies the real-time movement of content by not just enabling bi-directional audio and video transmission, but also integrating simultaneous exchange of most other data including control, tally and comms over a single network cable. Where cameras, especially in studio environments, traditionally needed multiple (or multi-core) cables to deliver all the signals required back and forth, NDI provides the opportunity to reduce that, in some cases, to a single Gigabit Ethernet cable. Further, any device on a network instantly becomes both a source and a destination to every other. Whether it is screen sharing for presentations and gaming, or multi-channel 4K video playback and recording – a simple software install may be all that is required, rather than multiples of expensive hardware tools. No network port? No problem! NDI bridging tools exist that allow for encoding and decoding of NDI to and from traditional broadcast and consumer equipment – such as TV’s and monitors, consoles and media players, switchers and routers – anything with a video input or output.