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Sonnet Technologies partners closely with Apple® and Intel® to develop certified Thunderbolt technology that provides high speed interfaces, professional storage solutions, docks, media readers, Mac enclosures and PCIe expansion systems.

It is undeniable that some manufacturers (Apple) have allowed mass consumer markets to drive the design of their professional tools. The result has been products that deliver on aesthetic and performance, but do not deliver on flexibility and the physical practicalities of business environments. Dangling cables, external power supplies, desktop configurations… None are conducive to server racks and while the systems themselves look pretty, the boxes, cables and adaptors strewn across your desk are not. It is also incredibly insecure, particularly in environments such as schools, where equipment often goes missing, or environments where data security is critical.

Sonnet rack enclosures, PCIe expansion, storage arrays and media adaptors work seamlessly with each other and with your Mac Mini or Mac Pro to remove the clutter and enable you to use the highest performance hardware tools rather than compromising on the ones Apple gives you a connector for.

Not limited to Mac, they also provide flexible interface expansion and powerful connectivity options for PC workstations and laptops that enable integration with high performance Thunderbolt and network storage.