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Magewell – Innovating to Enhance Live Production Workflows – Have released Magewell Bridge for NDI, allowing video and audio from a Magewell capture device to appear as a live source to any other NDI-enabled software and systems on the network. Providing a software-based alternative to Magewell’s Pro Convert NDI hardware converters, Magewell Bridge supports all resolutions and frame rates available through the associated capture device – including Ultra HD video with 4K models. When used with multi-channel capture cards or multiple Magewell capture devices in the same computer, Magewell Bridge can simultaneously convert up to four channels of 1080p video into NDI streams on host systems with sufficient processing power.

Capture Express is a simple, dedicated tool for previewing, recording or streaming one input source. It can also help users easily verify their input signals and capture devices, and it supports video recording up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The software leverages GPU-accelerated H.264 encoding when possible, using the CPU for encoding only as necessary. Users can stream to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch servers, as well as supporting RTMP, SRT Caller, SRT listener, TS over UDP, TS over RTP and other live protocols. This software is particularly powerful when used with Magewell decoder hardware and up to 9 instances can be run on a single computer with multi-channel cards or multiple capture devices attached.