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AJA HELO Connections

HELO v4.0 Available for Download

AV Mute: The user can toggle a web UI control to mute the video and audio while maintaining the stream to the end viewer. When audio and video are muted, a user-customisable still image is encoded and streamed instead of the incoming video.

Event Logging: Export an event log for all HELO activity on the web UI in a separate browser window or export as a .TXT or .CSV file for deeper analysis and troubleshooting.

Enhanced Language Support: Access the HELO web UI in the Japanese and Korean languages.


AJA Control Room v15.2

Desktop Software v15.2 Available for Download

Introducing new enhancements for AJA Video Systems KONA and Io products. New feature highlights include:

● Cross-Platform Apple #ProRes family available for Capture and Playback with AJA Control Room using macOS, Windows, or Linux.

AJA KONA 5 now has two firmware choices.
○ The original “KONA 5” (4K bitfile) remains as-is with support for up to 4K 60p I/O via either single-channel Capture, Pass-Through and Output over 12G-SDI, or four-channel (2SI) Capture or Output over 3G-SDI.
○ A new “KONA 5 – 4x 12G” (8K bitfile) supports up to four simultaneous channels of 12G-SDI Capture or Output for 8K/UHD2 60p, or multi-channel Ingest or Playout. Check which firmware you have loaded.

● 8K/UHD2 logic added to AJA Control Panel for KONA 5.

● 8K/UHD2 Capture or Playback with AJA Control Room and KONA 5.

AJA Io IP now has two firmware choices.
○ The original “s2022” firmware for SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 remains as-is with support for up to HD 60p I/O.
○ A new “s2110” firmware for SMPTE ST 2110 supports up to either (i) 2K 60p I/O with 2022-7 Transmit, or (ii) 4K 60p Input or Output via SMPTE ST 2110-23. Check which firmware you have loaded.

AJA KONA IP has the following SMPTE ST 2110 feature enhancements (all also now available with AJA Io IP).
○ SMPTE ST 2110-40 for ANC data; for transmittal and reception of timecode, closed captioning and more.
○ SMPTE ST 2110-23 for combining multiple ST 2110-20 Streams into a single video essence for 4K/UltraHD support. Essentially, 4K 2SI over ST 2110 using both 10 GigE links.
○ Redundancy support for ST 2110 Transmit as defined in ST 2022-7 up to 2K/HD.
○ NMOS support and the new AJA NMOS application. During installation of the AJA Desktop Software package, you can choose to install an optional component. This application (which can be set to autorun on boot/restart) will announce and attempt to register the host with an NMOS control system. See KONA IP or Io IP manual for more detail.


AJA FS1-X Back Large

FS1-X New v1.1.2 Firmware!

FS1-X v1.1.2 is now available for download, a free maintenance update that includes several important enhancements addressing image quality.

Video output is improved to remove possible artifacts when downscaling.
Improved image quality when the Frame Rate Converter (FRC) option is installed and enabled.

Learn More About FS1-X with FRC

AJA Kumo 3232-12G

AJA Kumo Routers & Control Panels Receive v4.5 Firmware Upgrade

This version of KUMO firmware adds support and improvements for KUMO-12G routers and one key feature for all KUMO products. All users of KUMO products are encouraged to update to the latest firmware.

Added IP configuration for all AJA KUMO routers and control panels (over USB port) using eMiniSetup v2.0.0 and later.

Improves the SDI performance in KUMO-1616-12G and KUMO-3232-12G. All KUMO 1616-12G and 3232-12G products should be updated to v4.5.0.

Kumo 3232-12GKumo 1616-12G

AJA introduces eighteen new products and five software updates at NAB 2019.

AJA Ki Pro GO Front

AJA Ki Pro GO is a Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder and Player offering up to 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off the shelf USB drives

  • Multi-channel H.264 recording and playback
  • 5x USB recording media slots, compatible with off-the-shelf USB 3.0 media
  • Redundant recording
  • Genlock free inputs
  • 4x 3G-SDI inputs
  • 4x HDMI inputs
  • HDMI multi-channel matrix monitoring
  • Selectable VBR recording profiles
  • Balanced XLR analogue audio inputs, mic/line/48v switchable
  • 2-channel embedded audio per video input
  • Easy-to-use web UI, compatible with standard web browsers
  • Front panel button controls with integrated HD resolution screen
  • Stand-alone operation

Learn More

IPT-10G2-HDMI & IPT-10G2-SDI — SMPTE ST 2110 Mini-Converters – Now Shipping!

The two new models are single channel IP video transmitters for bridging traditional HDMI and 3G-SDI signals to SMPTE ST 2110 for IP-based workflows.

The converters are suited for broadcast studios, sports trucks, newsrooms, enterprise media facilities, stadiums, concerts and other live event and professional AV environments

Learn More: IPT-10G2-HDMI / IPT-10G2-SDI

AJA Corvid 44 12G and LP

Corvid 44 12G

Take command of the most challenging projects using the immense power of the newest member of the Corvid product line. Corvid 44 12G is AJA’s blazingly fast, compact 8-lane PCIe 3.0 I/O card with four bidirectional 12G-SDI HD BNC connections, designed for today’s most demanding video and audio workflows.

Whether you are working with HFR 8K/4K/UltraHD, 2K/HD, SD, Deep Colour and/or HDR, experience the quality and peace of mind that Corvid 44 12G brings to your world. Supporting 10-bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4, or even 12-bit* color spaces for pristine imagery, Corvid 44 12G allows the flexibility to ingest and output with 12G/6G/3G-SDI. The bidirectional 12G-SDI ports provide immense flexibility for capture and simultaneous pass-through for a range of solutions.

Fourteen New openGear Rackframe Cards with DashBoard Support!

  • Re-clocking SDI distribution amplifiers
  • Single-mode 3G-SDI fibre converters
  • Multi-Mode 3G-SDI fibre converters
  • SDI audio embedder/disembedder

For critical broadcast applications, AJA openGear compatible converter cards provide the highest levels of quality and reliability for use in openGear frames including the new AJA OG-X-FR. AJA offers cards for infrastructure, HDMI/SDI conversion, Fiber conversion and scaling. All new AJA openGear are DashBoard software compatible, allowing easy configuration and control.

Learn More

AJA FS-HDR 1U Frame Sync Universal Converter

FS-HDR v3.0 Firmware with enhanced colouring tools and support for multi-channel Dynamic LUTs and Improvements for broadcast, on-set, post and proAV HDR production:

  • New Colorfront Engine™ Film Mode
    • Input Dynamic Range and Gamut: Support for a broad range of selections including SDR, PQ, HLG, HLG Extended, Sony Slog3, ARRI Log C, Panasonic V-Log, Red Log3G10, Canon Log 2 and Log3, ACEScct
    • Output Dynamic Range and Gamut: Support for a variety of selections including SDR, PQ, HLG, HLG Extended, Sony Slog3, ARRI Log C and ACEScct
    • Nit Level Control for PQ Output: Variable adjustments from 48-4000 Nits
    • DCI P3 Colorspace Clamp for HDR Output
    • SDR Preview for HDR Output
    • HDR Amount and Ambient Surround Compensation
    • LOOK: Look A Select, Look B Select and A/B Mix
      • Includes 23 different optional Looks including popular film emulation with Bleach, Ektachrome, Kodachrome, ARRI K1S1, FujiXD and more.
    • Grading Colorspace Selection: LogC, ACESscct, and SLog3
    • ASC CDL Defined Parameters: Slope, Power, Offset, and Saturation
    • Scene Referred Adjustments: Exposure, Color Temp and Tint
  • Colorfront Engine Live Mode for Transforms with New Additions:
    • Input/Output Dynamic Range: Support for HLG Extended
    • Nit Level Control for PQ Output: Variable adjustments from 48-4000 Nits
    • DCI P3 Colorspace Clamp for HDR Output
  • Updated BBC v1.3 LUTs: This update includes the latest improvements to the BBC’s licensed HLG conversion LUTs
  • Single-channel and Four-channel Dynamic LUT Mode Integrates with:
    • Pomfort LiveGrade Pro
    • TV Logic WonderLookPro

DownloadMore About FS-HDR

AJA HDR Image Analyzer with Colorfront

HDR Image Analyzer v1.1 Firmware

  • New Web UI with support for remote updates, log and screenshot transfers
  • Remote Desktop support
  • UI enhancement for HDR/PQ display over DisplayPort
  • Automated Colour Space switching over SDI for SDR/PQ/HLG
  • Out of Gamut MAX warning: Provides notice if colour goes outside of P3d65
  • Frame average Light Level (LL) bar
  • Vectorscope enhancements
  • TC bypass improvements

DownloadHDR Image Analyzer

AJA Control Room v15.2

Control Room v15.2

  • Extend Apple ProRes support to Windows and Linux
  • Combine with AJA’s KONA 5 to upgrade your workflow to 8K/UHD2 frame sizes at 60p


AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus Connections

AJA Releases Ki Pro Ultra Plus v4.0 Firmware

Packed with new features, the update advances recording customisation – supporting file naming, time code super out controls, and audio channel mapping! The following features have been added or revised for v4.0 firmware:

  • Forced Rollover: when rollover mode is enabled, the SLOT button can now be held down to activate the rollover at any time, allowing continuous recording to a second Pak drive and providing rollover conditions are met.
  • Analogue/AES audio mapping: users are able to select pairs of Analogue and AES audio and assign them by input, according to their needs, in addition to the previous options of SDI, AES or Analogue.
  • Move-able time code burn-in: There are now six user select-able positions available for the time code burn-in feature.
  • Independent multi-channel fle naming: Users can now add a ‘channel identifier’ to each clip, in addition to the previously available naming options.
  • RS-422 ID selection: Ki Pro Ultra Plus now offers three user selections for the RS-422 ID; Ki Pro Ultra, Ki Pro Rack and Sony’s SRW-5500.

Release Notes – DownloadProduct Details

AJA Kona 5 with Breakout

AJA Introduces KONA 5 with 12G-SDI I/O, and Desktop Software v15

At IBC 2018, AJA Video Systems debuted KONA 5, a new 8-lane PCIe 3.0 video and audio I/O card supporting 12G-SDI I/O and HDMI 2.0 monitoring/output for workstations or Thunderbolt™ 3-connected chassis. KONA 5 supports 4K/UltraHD and HD high frame rate, deep colour and HDR workflows over a single cable. For developers, AJA’s SDK offers support for KONA 5 multi-channel 12G-SDI I/O, enabling multiple 4K streams of input or output.

Product Details

AJA Kona 5 and Sonnet eGFX Breakaway 650

Spotted at IBC Show 2018: AJA Kona 5 is built for Thunderbolt and was demonstrated in a Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 650

Sonnet’s eGFX Breakaway Box 650 Thunderbolt 3 to eGPU PCIe card expansion systems are designed specifically to accommodate large and power-hungry GPU cards. Functioning as a simple plug-in upgrade, a Breakaway Box boosts the graphics performance of an eGFX-compatible computer by connecting a high-performance desktop GPU card via a Thunderbolt 3 port.

AJA Desktop Software v15 introduces the power of KONA 5 to creative applications from Adobe, Apple, Avid and others. The release also includes new AJA Control Room fullscreen playback and host system audio monitoring. KONA HDMI customers can now use the system audio output and full screen playback to monitor audio and picture from incoming HDMI sources without the need for a separate output device.

Media assets may now also be previewed in AJA Control Room with a computer monitor and speakers, without AJA hardware attached. This enables facilities to use the free macOS, Windows, or Linux application as a stand-alone professional software player for high-quality media up to 4K resolution. Other new features include per-port audio input channel settings in AJA Control Panel, valuable for switching and multi-channel capture workflows, and numerous KONA, Io and T-TAP product enhancements. Order Kona 5 Today – Press Release

AJA IPR-10G2-SDI Front

AJA Expands IP Mini-Converter Portfolio

AJA Video Systems today announced new IPR-10G2-HDMI and IPR-10G2-SDI SMPTE ST 2110 video and audio receivers featuring new dual 10 GigE SFP+ cages that provide hitless switching for redundancy protection in critical distribution and monitoring applications and support for bridging UltraHD or HD signals over IP to HDMI or SDI. The IPR-10G2-HDMI and IPR-10G2-SDI support monitoring of SMPTE 2110 signals via HDMI (up to UHD p30) and 3G-SDI (up to HD p60) respectively. Both feature a reference-in via BNC for seamless integration into existing baseband environments such as master control, trucks or edit suites.

Press Release




KONA HDMI is highly flexible PCIe capture card, designed for four simultaneous channels of HD capture, with popular streaming and switching applications including Telestream Wirecast and vMix. KONA HDMI uniquely also offers capture of one channel of UltraHD up to 60p over HDMI 2.0, via AJA Control Room software for file compatibility with most NLE and effects packages. It is also compatible with other popular third party solutions for live streaming, projection mapping and VR workflows. LEARN MORE

AJA Kona HDMI eSports Workflow

AJA Kona 1 Connections


KONA 1 is a robust, cost efficient single channel 3G-SDI 2K/HD 60p I/O PCIe card. KONA 1 offers serial control and reference/LTC, and features standard application plug-ins, as well as AJA SDK support, and is perfect for broadcast, post, proAV, and OEM developers. The new card supports 3G-SDI capture, monitoring and/or playback with software from AJA, Adobe, Avid, Apple, Telestream and others, and enables simultaneous monitoring during capture (pass-through). LEARN MORE

AJA KONA 1 Workflow

AJA Io IP Rear


Io IP is a portable Thunderbolt 3 ingest and playback device for professional HD video and audio over IP, bridging 10 GigE to the most popular creative software applications. Io IP has all the portable benefits of the Io family line with two Thunderbolt 3 ports for flexibility. It works with AJA’s Control Room, Control Panel software and SDK tools, providing support for leading content creation applications, such as Adobe Premiere® Pro, Apple FCP X, Avid Media Composer®, FilmLight products and more. Designed as a flexible platform with support for SMPTE 2022-6 and 2022-7 uncompressed IP video and audio, and SMPTE 2110 to come soon, Io IP offers you the flexibility to keep current as the IP transition proceeds.  LEARN MORE

AJA Io IP Workflow

AJA IPR-10G-HDMI Mini Converter

IPR-10G-HDMI Mini-Converter – Bridge SMPTE 2110 to HDMI over 10 GigE

Easily monitor HD SMPTE ST 2110 signals via HDMI with IPR-10G-HDMI. Our new Mini-Converter receives ST 2110 over 10 GigE and formats the data for output on a full-size HDMI interface. Associated audio is extracted, synchronised and embedded into the HDMI interface and output on an analogue RCA interface. Learn More

IPR-10G-HDMI SMPTE2110 Workflow

AJA Kumo 3232-12G

KUMO 3232-12G and KUMO 1616-12G – New 12G-SDI Compact Routers

Two new 12G-SDI KUMO routers support large format resolutions, high frame rate (HFR) and deep color formats, while reducing cable runs when transporting 4K/UltraHD over SDI. The routers offer network based and/or physical control, adding a new USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA’s eMini-Setup software. Multi-port gang-routing also means the new 12G-SDI models are 8K ready! More on KUMO 3232-12G / KUMO 1616-12G

AJA openGear Family

New openGear Cards with DashBoard Support – Convenient Configuration, Monitoring and Control over a PC or Local Network

Designed for use in compatible openGear 2RU frames including AJA’s OG-3 2RU frame, the new cards combine the reliability and functionality of AJA Mini-Converters with the high density openGear architecture. New DashBoard software support on Windows, macOS, and Linux provides convenient and industry standard configuration, monitoring and control options over a PC or local network.

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