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Serv Pro - Link- CORE - Vuer - Multicam

The Teradek Serv Pro on-set iOS/Android and macOS monitoring tool, can now be used to send a feed off-set for total crew collaboration.

Current owners can download the free Serv Pro firmware update 2.1.5 to add off-set client and crew viewing! With this new update, Serv can be used with Core, their cloud-based management system, to send video feeds to viewers anywhere in the world. This upgrade is completely free to owners of Serv Pro, and all you need to add to your workflow is a Core account!

Learn More about Serv ProLearn More about Link ProLearn More about Core Cloud

Teradek Orbit PTZ on Camera on Set

Teradek Orbit PTZ Available for Pre-Order

Orbit PTZ delivers professional wireless video for live production and broadcast, transmitting 4K Wireless Video & Control for PTZ Cameras

– Wireless 4K HDR video with < 1 ms latency
– Lossless 10-bit, 4:2:2 image quality
– Up to 1,000ft / 300m of wireless range
– License-free 5GHz operation
– AES-256 and RSA 1024 encryption
– 12G-SDI and HDMI I/O
– Transmit PTZ camera control commands via RS-232 and RS-422
– Sony VISCA & Panasonic AW Protocols
– Supports all standard resolutions and frame rates up to 4K60
– Integrated tally light

First Stock Expected End of March

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Teradek Ace 800 Camera Mount Small

Teradek Ace 800 Available Soon!

Ace 800 is an affordable, zero-delay wireless video system featuring HD video transmission and professional performance with up to 800 ft. of range. Designed with the same reliability and performance as the renowned Teradek Bolt line.

– Lossless 1080p video quality
– Zero delay video transmission
– SDI input with SDI & HDMI output
– Multicast capable up to 4 receivers

*Ace 800 is not compatible with other Teradek Bolt or Ace models.

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Teradek Orbit Connections

Teradek disrupt professional wireless video for live production and broadcast with Orbit, the world’s first sub-frame wireless video system that transmits lossless, 4K HDR video over ranges up to 2km.

The Orbit line of products utilises Teradek’s patented Joint Source Channel Coding (JSCC) combined with both MIMO and OFDM, to encode and transmit video over the 4.9 – 5.8 GHz bands. The JSCC approach enables full utilisation of 40MHz / 20MHz channel capacity.

Sustained image quality is visually lossless and offers far better handling of channel interference compared to traditional discrete H.264/ HEVC encoding and OFDM / MIMO transmission methods. This results in an extremely robust wireless link that transmits pristine 10-bit 4:2:2 4K video with less than 1ms latency, up to 2km line of sight.

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Teradek Bolt 4K MAX on Camera

Announcing Bolt 4K MAX, the most reliable, highest performance wireless video system Teradek have ever created.

Bolt 4K MAX combines several new hardware and software enhancements to make it the most advanced wireless system Teradek have ever built. Bolt 4K MAX can transmit up to 5,000 ft line of sight, multicast to unlimited simultaneous receivers, and monitor in 120 FPS for high-speed camera operations.

Exclusive to Bolt 4K MAX:

EXTREME RANGE: Transmit up to an 5,000ft. (1,500m) line of sight with the next-generation Array 4K Panel Antenna.

INTERFERENCE RESISTANT: Fixed Frequency Mode locks onto your designated 5GHz channel for enhanced performance in challenging RF environments.

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: A unique antenna design provides a clearer wireless signal with faster reconnection times over long distances.

UNLIMITED RECEIVERS: Broadcast Mode supercharges your wireless link and support for unlimited simultaneous receivers.

120 FPS SUPPORT: Transmit up to 1080p120 for high-speed camera applications.

More Coming Soon!

Teradek Prism

Teradek announce Prism, a 4Kp60 10 bit 4:2:2 HEVC encoder / decoder solution for broadcast, live production, and Pro AV applications.

“When we began development of Prism, we spent a lot of time working with our customers to produce a solution that would help them transition to a 4K workflow in a cost-conscious manner,” said Nicol Verheem, CEO of Teradek. “To achieve this, we built our platform from the ground up, using a completely new encoding technology stack and a new design philosophy that is better aligned with what our customers are looking for from a next-gen encoder.”


  • 4K / UHD encoding / decoding at up to 60 fps
  • HEVC / H.264 compression
  • 10-bit, 4:2:2 image quality
  • 8-channels of audio per card
  • Optional redundant network and power options
  • Up to 4 simultaneous 1080p60 encoders per card
  • Genlock input
  • SRT and Zixi ready

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Teradek Bolt 4K TX RX Battery Mount
Bolt 4k Logo

With Next Generation Wireless Technology, Bolt 4K defines a revolutionary new category of wireless video technology, delivering uncompressed 2160p60 HDR video transmission with zero delay.

Mission Critical Reliability
Bolt 4K’s exclusive technology offers 8x the signal performance and 50% more range than existing systems, making it the most robust wireless system we’ve ever designed.

Unrivalled Video Quality
Our patented RF technology greatly improves image quality across all resolutions and frame rates, giving you finer detail and better colour reproduction, even if you’re at the system’s maximum wireless range.

High Dynamic Range
Monitor every shot in stunning 10-bit 2160p with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. For cutting-edge HDR workflows, Bolt 4K supports HLG, PQ, and HDR-10 standards.


Teradek Ace 500

Zero Delay Wireless Video
The Teradek Ace 500 is a compact, ultralight wireless video system that delivers uncompressed 1080p60 video at up to 500 ft. with zero delay.
Incompromising Reliability
Ace 500 is designed with the same reliability and performance as the Teradek Bolt line, ensuring you have a continuous video feed when you need it the most.
Built for Content Creation
Connect the Ace 500 to any HDMI camera including DSLRs, camcorders, and even action cams like Go Pro.
Ultralight Maximum Mobility
What makes Ace unique is its compact and lightweight form factor. The transmitter weighs just 126g while the receiver weighs 146g, making them perfect for gimbals and camera rigs of any size.
Monitoring for Everyone on Set
Send video from one transmitter to up to four receivers simultaneously and let your crew monitor every shot as it happens.
Easy to Power
Keep your Ace powered with optional battery plates* attached directly to your transmitter and receiver. *Available in Sony L-Series, BP-U, BP-9 and Canon LP-E6.
Mounting Options
Ace comes with a single ¼-20” mounting point for mounting camera arms or hot shoes, and two 4-40” points for optional mounting brackets.

Now Shipping From Teradek!

Teradek Bolt XT 3000 Sony Camera Square

Introducing Bolt XT & Bolt LT…

Bolt XT Logo

The Bolt XT meets the needs of the most discerning professionals, with powerful software tools and rock-solid performance to smart power options and backward compatibility. Available with a maximum range of 500ft, 1000ft, 3000ft, or 10,000ft, the new Bolt XT line offers a professional solution for every budget.

  • Compatible with Bolt 500, 1000, 3000, Bolt LT, Sidekick II, Bolt 10K, and 703 Bolt
  • Professional software features: 3D LUTs, 5GHz spectrum analyser, manual channel selection
  • Dual input and output (SDI + HDMI) with looping SDI output on the TX
  • 2x SDI outputs + HDMI output on the RX
  • 500 receiver features a bidirectional small battery plate LP-E6 / Sony NP-F (“L-Series”)
  • 1000/3000 XT receivers feature integrated, internally-wired battery plates with pass-through power (Gold- or V-mount)

More About Bolt XT

Bolt LT Logo

The Bolt LT takes Teradek’s industry-leading wireless performance and packages it into a streamlined series of zero-delay wireless video systems. The LT line is available in 500ft or 1000ft models, and provides a no-frills, high performance wireless video kit for filmmakers on a budget.

  • Compatible with Bolt 500, 1000, 3000, Bolt LT, Sidekick II, Bolt 10K, and 703 Bolt
  • SDI or HDMI input with matching looping output on the TX
  • SDI or HDMI output on the RX
  • External antennas on Bolt 500 TX and 1000 TX/RX
  • Smaller and lighter chassis with robust mounting points (3/8” and ¼”-20)
  • Incredible price / performance ratio with the same wireless technology as the XT series

More About Bolt LT

Teradek Link Pro with Backpack

New Link Pro Family

Link Pro is a high-throughput, dual-band 4G LTE WiFi router, allowing professionals to access high-speed Internet wherever they go. It supports up to 4x 3G/4G/LTE USB modems (including Teradek Nodes) with an additional 2x Ethernet ports.  Pro combines multiple 3G/4G/LTE connections into a single Internet source, offering maximum redundancy, rock-solid dependability and exceptional throughput. With built-in Gold & V-mount battery options and a rugged aluminium chassis, Link Pro is designed to keep you connected in the most challenging environments.

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Teradek Link Pro with Radome

Teradek Link Pro Radome Wireless Access Point Router

Link Pro Radome, an integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered NODE modems perfect for vehicles or permanent outdoor installations, packs professional network bonding into a high performance WiFi access point, giving broadcasters, production companies, and first responders reliable, high speed internet access at any location.

Link Pro Radome

Teradek Bond Backpack in Use

Link Pro Backpack: An integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered modems. Designed for on-the-go use.

Link Pro Backpack, an integrated Link Pro system with 4 built-in high-powered NODE modems perfect for video professionals on the move, packs professional network bonding into a high performance WiFi access point, giving broadcasters, production companies, and first responders reliable, high speed internet access at any location.

Link Pro Backpack

Teradek VIDIU GO Top Down

VidiU GO

VidiU Go is an HEVC / H.264 video encoder that streams directly to live platforms. It supports Ethernet, WiFi, and up to 2x USB modems for 3G/4G/LTE connectivity. It also features dual-input 3G-SDI & HDMI options, making it equally at home on camcorders or larger broadcast cameras. VidiU Go streams pristine 1080p60 video to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or any online destination (including RTMP) directly from a camera. Multiple Internet sources can be bonded via a subscription to Sharelink or Core, ensuring that high-quality video can be streamed from anywhere and anytime. In addition, the Go is compatible with our video production suite, Live:Air Action. Turn your single-camera setup (with VidiU Go) into a multi-camera live production complete with graphics and overlays with this free iOS app.

Learn More About VidiU Go

Teradek Bolt Sidekick LT In Action

Bolt SideKick

The Bolt Sidekick is a 500 ft. universal receiver compatible with any Bolt 500, 1000 & 3000 (including XT and LT), making it the perfect compliment to any Director’s monitor rig.

Bolt Sidekick XT Receiver

The Sidekick XT universal 500 ft. receiver is compatible with all Bolt 500, 1000, 3000, XT and LT models. With dual SDI outputs, 3D LUT support, and a built-in 5 GHz Spectrum Analyser, the Sidekick XT is our most powerful universal receiver yet. MORE

Bolt Sidekick LT Receiver

The Sidekick LT is a 500 ft. universal receiver and is also compatible with any Bolt 500, 1000 & 3000 (including XT and LT). Without the more advanced features of the XT, it provides a more affordable on set monitoring solution.

Teradek Bolt 10K Transceiver Set

Bolt 10K

A Super long range (10,000 ft.) receiver, Bolt 10K comes complete with accessories and Protective SKB Case. With a fully integrated panel antenna and battery plate, Teradek Bolt 10K has 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs and works alongside Bolt 3000 XT, 703 Bolt, and Sidekick II receivers. Available standalone and with a 3000 XT Transceiver in a kit. Gold Mount or V-Mount battery options.

The Teradek Bolt 10K Receiver is an ultra high-performance, zero-delay video receiver with a range of 10,000 feet. The RX is compatible with Bolt 3000 transmitters and functions seamlessly alongside 3000 XT receivers, Sidekick II, and the 703 Bolt. Bolt 10K receivers support 1080p60 4:2:2 video and with a newly-designed chassis, hassle-free Tx/Rx pairing, robust range and visually lossless HD quality make this our strongest unit we’ve ever built.

Teradek Bolt Multicast

Learn More About Bolt 10K


Cube Encoders and Decoders

Teradek Cube Logo

Built for Professionals

Enclosed in a hardened aluminium chassis and fitted with an authentic Lemo power connector, the Cube series of encoders is built for durability and longevity. Cube comes in HD-SDI, HDMI, composite, and dual input models and includes both a line out and mic input for external audio connections.

Internet Connectivity

Stream online over 2.4/5GHz 802.11ac WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE networks using a mobile hotspot, USB modem, or your smartphone’s data connection. If you require additional bandwidth, Cube 655 allows you to stream over multiple cellular network connections.

Bonded Network Streaming Built In

The Cube 655 allows you to stream over aggregated bandwidth from Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular sources for a more reliable and robust broadcast. Simply connect your Cube to a Sputnik server hosted on your Core account, enable the network connections you wish to use, and begin your broadcast with the streaming protocol of your choice.
Even if you don’t have Ethernet or a cellular modem available, the Cube 655 can bond together up to 4 iPhone LTE connections using the free Teralink application for iOS.

Wireless Capabilities

Using the free TeraView and TeraCentral applications for iOS, Cube users can monitor and configure their units over WiFi.

Proxy Recording

Cube can record your live broadcasts directly to an SD card so you always have a backup just in case.* Each recording is saved with the same resolution and bit rate set on the device.


Cube 600 Series
Dual Inputs: HDMI and 3G-SDI
Wireless Range: Up to 600 ft (depending on WiFi network setup)
Up to 15 Mbits/s
No Internal Battery
Full Size SD Card Recording
Bonding with Teralink
WiFi, Ethernet, USB 3G/4G/LTE
Core Compatible
New 700 Series!
Product Highlights:
Real-Time H.265 and H.264 Encoder
Dual-Band 2.4/5.8 GHz WiFi, Ethernet and USB Interfaces
HDMI and SDI Video Inputs
Built-In Color Grading
On-Board SD Card Recording
Two-Pin LEMO-Type Power Input

VidiU Streaming Appliance

Teradek Vidiu Logo

The VidiU family of streaming products brings your camera, video switcher, or media player live online for everyone to see.

* Recording and ShareLink only available with VidiU Pro

Compatible with any Streaming Platform

VidiU can stream to any online video platform and include native integration with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Ustream, Facebook, and Twitch.tv, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Need to stream to your own private server? VidiU products are also integrated with Wowza’s Streaming Engine.

Bonded Network Streaming with ShareLink

ShareLink is a new service offered by Teradek that brings professional “bonding” technology to the VidiU Pro. When enabled, it allows you to combine bandwidth from multiple network interfaces to increase your uplink speed for more reliable and higher quality streaming. That means you can go live with up to 6 data connections at once from Ethernet, cellular and/or WiFi sources.

Learn more about the optional ShareLink subscription plans.

Internet Connectivity

Stream online over dual band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi, Ethernet, or 3G/4G/LTE networks using a mobile hotspot, USB modem or your smartphone’s data connection. VidiU devices also support Adaptive Bitrate streaming, ensuring your live broadcasts always look great despite challenging network conditions.

Cable-Free Capabilities

With the free VidiU app for iOS, you can configure and monitor your live stream right from your smartphone or tablet. VidiU products also include a built-in Li-Ion battery, allowing you to stream tether-free for up to 2 hours.

Stream Recording

VidiU Pro can record your live broadcasts directly to an SD card so you always have a backup just in case.* Each recording is saved with the same resolution and bit rate set on the device.

Live:Air Multi-Camera Connectivity

Any HDMI video source connected to a VidiU device can be imported as a live feed into the Live:Air iPad production suite. Need more video sources? Live:Air supports up to 4 simultaneous feeds from cameras connected to VidiU encoders.

Slice Rack-Mount H.264 and HEVC/H.265 Servers

Teradek Slice Logo

Slice rack-mount codecs offer broadcast quality H.264 and HEVC/H.265 encoding and decoding for mission critical applications

Rack-Mount H.264 Codec

Slice supports bit-rates up to 10 Mbps and outputs a variety of stream types, including MPEG-TS, RTMP, RTSP, and RTP Multicast, as well as Teradek’s proprietary TDS protocol for ultra low latency streaming. Perfect for ENG and PAG operations, Slice offers broadcasters a powerful HD solution for IPTV, OTT content, and set-top boxes at an unprecedented price.

Now Available in HEVC / H.265 700 Series! (800 Series 4K Coming Soon!)

Greater encoding performance, better bandwidth utilisation, and incredibly power efficient: our new line of HD H.265 codecs will bring your digital video workflow into the future.

Closed Captioning

Bond devices support EIA-608 and EIA-708 closed-captioning via H.264 SEI insertion, as per SCTE 128-1.

H.264 Decoding

Slice decoders are the perfect companion to Slice encoders, allowing broadcasters to output 1080p streams up to 10 Mbps via HD-SDI. Each decoder fits in a 1RU rack-mount chassis and can accept feeds from Slice and T-Rax encoders.

Cloud Codec Management Platform

With Core, a single Slice encoder can stream to any number of destinations around the world. From an intuitive drag and drop interface, Core users can configure and route their Teradek encoder feeds to decoders, online video platforms, or even another company’s Sputnik server all in real time.
Learn more about Core

T-RAX High Density Enterprise H.264 and HEVC/H.265

Teradek T-RAX Logo

HEVC / H.265 T-Rax Encoder and Decoder Options Coming Soon!

T-Rax is a high-density enterprise-grade H.264 platform that encodes, decodes, and streams video at broadcast quality

High-Density H.264 Codec

Available in a 2RU chassis with an optional redundant power supply, T-Rax supports up to 8 codecs at one time, offering major broadcasters, government agencies, and large businesses an incredibly flexible and modular solution for their IP video needs.

Encoders & Decoders

Each T-Rax encoder comes with an HD-SDI input and supports multiple compression profiles (High, Main, Baseline) up to 15 Mbps. Its decoder cards output via HD-SDI and can decode incoming streams from any T-Rax, Cube or Slice encoder.

Advanced Capabilities

T-Rax blades support variable or constant bit rate streaming up to 15 Mbps, closed-captioning, and multiple compression profiles (High, Main, Low). All T-Rax blades support HD-SDI I/O and are compatible with Sputnik and the Core cloud management platform.

COLR Real-Time LUT Box

Teradek COLR Logo

COLR is a real-time LUT box, camera control bridge, and HDMI/SDI cross-converter in one tiny package.

COLR integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, allowing DITs and colourists to give everyone the right look.

Looks Mean Everything

During camera prep, on your cart, through color timing or on camera, COLR enables directors, ACs, and DITs to see what they need. Multiple presets, combining CDL and 3D LUTs, can be stored on the device for quick conversion or custom looks at the touch of a button. For even more control over the look of your footage, COLR Duo offers two fully configurable SDI outputs, allowing you to display two independent 33pt 3D LUTs or even the same LUT across two monitors.

Works with Pomfort LiveGrade

COLR is integrated with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, giving you fine control over your LUTS using WiFi, Ethernet, or USB. Each LUT can be sent to COLR and applied to your image immediately from within the application.

Monitor Calibration with SpectraCal

Whether your production requires industry standard color and gamma-accurate monitors or large consumer-grade screens, COLR is compatible. With SpectraCal’s CalMAN software, you can use the COLR and COLR Duo to calibrate a video display with a 10-bit 33pt 3D LUT. To learn more, visit the CalMAN Setup Guide.

Connected Set

With COLR as a piece of the puzzle, the Connected Set initiative encourages seamless integration between all Teradek products, ultimately streamlining on and off-set workflows. This will support a consistent workflow throughout the production process, whether on-set with zero delay transmission, iPad monitoring, or for off-site dailies review and final color grading. Stay ahead of the curve via free firmware upgrades and native integration with other Teradek products including Bolt, Cube, and LOKR.

3G-SDI, HDMI Input and Output
A single 33pt 3D LUT
10 Bit (SDI), 8 Bit (HDMI)
Ethernet, USB, 802.11b/g/n/ac
Pomfort LiveGrade, SpectraCal CalMAN
Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports for Camera Control and auxiliary power
Duo3G-SDI Input
Two 3G-SDI Outputs
Two independent 33pt 3D LUT
10 Bit
Ethernet, USB, 802.11b/g/n/ac
Pomfort LiveGrade, SpectraCal CalMAN
Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports for Camera Control and auxiliary power

Bond Cellular Transmitters

Teradek Bond Logo

For mission critical live broadcasts, the Bond line of cellular transmitters offer pristine video quality over redundant network connections, allowing you to go live from any location.

The Teradek Bond line of cellular bonding solutions allows video professionals to broadcast 1080p HD video over aggregated bandwidth from several network interfaces, including 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, BGAN, Ethernet*, and Fibre. Bond devices utilise hardware-based high profile H.264 compression, resulting  in very low power consumption and long run times. Each bonding solution offers a local monitoring capability on iOS devices, quick access to settings via an OLED display, and IFB for communication from the studio to the field. All Bond devices require a Sputnik server, which converts each bonded feed into a standard video format that can be sent to any streaming platform on the Web or to several H.264 decoders.

Rugged Design

Built to withstand the toughest news-gathering and live production environments, the Bond series of cell muxers are crafted out of hardened aluminium and include professional Lemo connectors for power. Each model supports up to 6 simultaneous network connections via USB and come in either HDMI or HD-SDI configurations.

Advanced Capabilities

Bond devices support variable or constant bit rate streaming up to 10 Mbps, closed-captioning, IFB, and multiple compression profiles (High, Main, Low). Each model can upload video files saved to an SD card or USB drive directly to their Sputnik server or Core account for later use.


All Bond models can aggregate bandwidth from USB modems, WiFi, Ethernet, and BGAN and support the RTMP, RTSP, and MPEG-TS protocols.

For Cube users, the Bond Module can be used to add link aggregation functionality to your existing workflow.

Cloud Codec Management Platform

Core is a cloud management platform where users can view, configure, and route all Teradek codecs and CDN accounts from any device with an Internet connection.

Learn more about Core

Sputnik Server & Dashboard GUI

Sputnik is Teradek’s free software application between Bond and your streaming destination. Sputnik is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the cloud using Amazon EC2) or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable  TCP port. The software recombines the packets from your cellular modems  into a cohesive stream that can be sent to an H.264 decoder or viewed online.

Now Available with NODE 4G/LTE Modems!

Node is a high performance 3G / 4G / LTE modem that provides exceptional connectivity and weather resistance. The modem connects to Bond via your choice of USB or 4-pin connector, with the latter offering superior coupling to the chassis.

Specifications and Details For New Bond Modules and Node Modems Coming Soon!

Bond Pro Product Highlights

» Six USB slots for 3G/4G/LTE modems, BGAN, Ethernet, WiFi
» Modem mounting system
» 250 Kbps to 10 Mbps
» HD-SDI, SD-SDI: BNC input
» Li-Ion battery
» Supports all standard resolutions and frame rates up to 1080p30.
» Gold- or V-mount
» IFB support

Bond II Product Highlights

» Six USB Slots
» Secure Modem Mounting
» 250 kb/s to 10 Mb/s Bit Rate
» Built-In WiFi
» SDI Input
» Supports All Standard Resolutions
» Supports Frame Rates up to 1080p30

Bond Product Highlights

» Stream Over Multiple Cellular Networks
» Combines up to Five 3G/4G USB Modems
» Adaptive Internet Streaming Technology
» Sputnik Aggregation Software
» Hardware-Based Video Compression
» Low-Power Consumption
» Compact Chassis / Lightweight

Core is a IP video management platform that allows you to route, record, and remotely manage your Teradek codecs from anywhere in the world. For NAB 2017, we’re introducing real-time transcoding as a feature, allowing you to set the specific bit rate and resolution requirements for any destination you stream to. Core transcoding allows you to get the most out of your Teradek HEVC codecs. Since H.265 adoption is still growing, many platforms and hardware systems still require video feeds in the AVC format. With transcoding, you can stream to your Core account in HEVC and then transcode to AVC for content delivery, saving you plenty of bandwidth overhead in the process. We’re also introducing MPEG-TS ingest for Core, which allows you to stream from third-party encoders directly into your Core account. (More About Core)

Sphere Real-time 360º Monitoring and Live Streaming

Teradek Sphere Logo

Monitor your 360º live production on an iPad and stream it directly to the web, all at the same time.

Any Rig in Any Environment

Compatible with any HDMI or HD-SDI camera, Sphere is the most flexible 360º monitoring and streaming solution for 4-camera VR rigs. Its 4 USB ports offer an integrated power solution for GoPro rigs and its stereo analog audio input allows you to embed the output of your soundboard right into the live feed.

Sphere also includes twin Lemo connectors for redundant power and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for Internet connectivity and attaching a second Sphere unit.

Sphere Stitching Engine

Sphere is unique in that it doesn’t require a PC to stitch panoramic footage into a 360º format. Instead, the stitching engine is iOS based and offers real-time compositing of up to 8 1080p camera feeds, allowing you and your crew to be more mobile than ever before.

Stitching Configuration Options

The Sphere iOS application offers numerous parameters for tweaking your 360º footage to your liking. In addition to multiple lens correction options, you can adjust the image rotation and edge alignment of your stitch from the app’s intuitive UI.

Color Calibration Settings

Users can calibrate each camera’s white balance, tint, and color profile right from the Sphere application. If you need a quick calibration, the application can color match across all video feeds at the same time to provide a balanced image instantly.

Analog & Spatial Audio

Sphere supports embedded and analog audio, as well as spatial audio, which will allow you to define a custom sonic experience for your 360º footage.

In-App Recording

The Sphere iOS application allows you to save individual 360º snapshots and your stitched video footage directly to your iPad’s hard drive in MP4 format.

Wireless and Internet Connectivity

Sphere connects to wireless access points and the Internet via a 10/100 Ethernet jack. To enhance the wireless range of your Sphere stream, we recommend connecting the device to a Ubiquiti access point for a robust WiFi signal up to several thousand feet.

Support for up to 8 Cameras

Should you need more than 4 cameras for your 360º production, a second Sphere can be daisy-chained using the device’s 10/100 Ethernet port.

Teradek manufactures wireless video devices for remote video capture, camera control, real-time monitoring, colour correction and webcasting. For complex IP video systems, Teradek’s cloud-based workflow management platform allows users to remotely operate a fleet of Teradek encoders in real-time from anywhere in the world. All Teradek products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Teradek’s line of encoders provide all the necessary options to stream to any platform of your choice and includes native integration with Facebook, Ustream, YouTube Live, Livestream, and Wowza, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Teradek H.264 codecs offer broadcasters several powerful options for video transmission and distribution over local IP networks and the Internet. Cost-effective and incredibly capable, Teradek codecs are known for their versatility, low latency, and pristine image quality.

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