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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio


DaVinci Resolve is the world’s first solution that combines professional offline and online editing, colour correction, audio post production and now visual effects all in one software tool Click Here for comprehensive training videos and materials to get started and speak to Bruce if you would like to find a training centre near you!


Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio delivers revolutionary tools for editing, colour correction, audio post and now visual effects, all in a single application!

DaVinci Resolve 18 – What’s New

DaVinci Resolve 18 is a major release featuring cloud based workflows for a new way to collaborate remotely! You can host project libraries using Blackmagic Cloud and collaborate on the same timeline, in real time, with multiple users globally. The new Blackmagic Proxy generator automatically creates proxies linked to camera originals, for a faster editing workflow. Plus, support for Apple M1 Ultra gives you a powerful image processing engine, eliminating expensive cloud computing. There are new Resolve FX such as ultra beauty and 3D depth map, improved subtitling for editors, GPU accelerated Fusion paint and real time title template playback, Fairlight fixed to FlexBus conversion and more!

Cloud Collaboration

Blackmagic Cloud
DaVinci Resolve 18 supports Blackmagic Cloud, so you can host your project libraries on the DaVinci Resolve Project Server in the cloud. Share projects and work collaboratively with editors, colorists, VFX artists and audio engineers on the same project at the same time, anywhere in the world!

Blackmagic Proxy Generator
The new Blackmagic Proxy Generator App automatically creates and manages proxies from camera originals. Create a watch folder and new media is automatically converted into H.264, H.265 or ProRes proxies to accelerate editing workflows. You can extract proxies into a separate folder for offline work!

Simplified Proxy Workflow
Switch between camera original footage and proxies in a single click. With Blackmagic Proxy Generated proxies, DaVinci Resolve knows where in the file tree to find them, instantly linking to the camera originals in the media pool. Edit with proxies, then relink to camera originals to grade!

Intelligent Media Management
DaVinci Resolve 18 adds intelligent media location management, so that when you are collaborating you can quickly link media to your unique file paths. Now you don’t need to manually relink or search for assets when you work remotely. So you have more time for creativity and less time on file admin!


EDIT The World’s Fastest Professional Editing Software!


The edit page is designed to be easy and intuitive for new users, yet powerful enough to give professional editors all the tools and control they need! You get drag and drop editing for quickly building a story and moving shots around, as well as traditional three point editing tools used by industry editors. Plus, DaVinci Resolve is faster because it features an automatic trim cursor that changes depending where you click in the timeline, so you don’t have to waste time continually going back and forth changing tools. The edit page also includes dozens of transitions, effects and titles that make it easy to create professional work for broadcast television, feature films and online streaming! Learn More >

CUT Next Generation Editing


Introducing the revolution in editing! The new cut page has many new innovations that make editing much faster than before. That’s critical when editing long form episodic television programming, documentaries and corporate videos or fast turn music videos and television commercials. Of course you can always switch to the edit page if you want traditional editing features, as the edit and cut pages work seamlessly together! The cut page has also been co-designed to work with a hardware panel such as the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor. This means you get an editing solution that’s not “dumbed down”, as it’s a true professional editor that’s focused on introducing new innovations in speed! Learn More >

FUSION Hollywood’s Secret Weapon!


The Fusion page is where you can let your imagination go wild and create cinematic visual effects and motion graphics! It’s built into DaVinci Resolve and features a node based workflow with hundreds of 2D and 3D tools. Fusion is ideal for everything from quick fixes such as retouching and repairing shots to creating true Hollywood caliber effects. If you’ve seen the Hunger Games, Avengers, Terminator Genisys, or many major Hollywood blockbusters, then you’ve already seen Fusion in action! You can use it to clone out an unwanted mic, replace a sign, create dynamically animated titles or even place characters into 3D scenes. It’s your new secret weapon for visual effect and motion graphics! Learn More >

COLOR Hollywood’s Most Advanced Color Corrector

DaVinci-Resolve-17-Color The color page lets you manipulate color in creative and artistic ways that dramatically affect the mood of a scene, making it an incredibly powerful part of the storytelling process. Whether you’re a student, online creator or professional Hollywood colorist, you get hundreds of artistic tools in an easy to learn node based interface that makes experimenting with color fast and exciting! You get support for a huge range of formats, including wide color gamut and HDR images, along with DaVinci’s legendary 32‑bit image processing for high quality, professional results. You can balance and match footage from different sources to create stunning, unique images that are impossible on other systems! Learn More >

FAIRLIGHT Professional Tools for Audio Post

DaVinci-Resolve-17-Fairlight Fairlight is the world’s first and only audio post production software that’s completely integrated with picture editing. That means you can move between sound editing and picture editing with a single click! The Fairlight page is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn for new users, as well as powerful and extremely fast for professionals working on massive projects with over a thousand tracks. You get dozens of professional tools for recording, editing, mixing, dialog replacement, sound clean up and repair, equalization, dynamics processing, and mastering soundtracks in all standard formats from stereo and surround sound up to the latest immersive 3D audio formats! Learn More >

Media and Delivery

DaVinci Resolve makes importing, syncing and organising footage fast! Whether you’re going out to the web, tape, or theatrical distribution, DaVinci Resolve features everything you need to deliver projects in virtually any format! You’ll be able to get to work quickly and output files fast, so you’ll never miss a deadline! Learn More >

Multi User Collaboration – Revolutionary tools for simultaneous editing, visual effects, colour correction and audio post!

DaVinci Resolve completely redefines post production workflows! Assistant editors can prepare footage while editors cut the picture, colourists grade the shots, effects artists work on VFX, and sound editors mix and finish audio, all in the same project at the same time! You no longer have to waste time conforming and you no longer have to wait for a locked edit before starting colour and audio work! That means picture editors, visual effects artists, colourists, and sound editors can now work in parallel, leaving more time for everyone to be creative! Learn More >

New High Performance Playback Engine – Fly through edits and colour correction with up to 10x the performance!

DaVinci Resolve features an incredible new video playback engine with CPU and GPU optimisations, lower latency, faster UI refresh, support for Apple Metal, and more! These upgrades combine to make DaVinci Resolve faster and far more responsive than ever. Working on long timelines with thousands of clips is incredibly fluid and editing is even more precise. Scrubbing and playback are instant, often starting before you lift your fingers off the keyboard! Powerful acceleration for processor intensive formats, like H.264, makes it possible to edit 4K material on a laptop in real-time! Whether you’re working in HD or 4K, with ProRes, H.264 or even RAW images, DaVinci Resolve is completely responsive and fast enough to keep up with your every move!

Legendary DaVinci Quality – Unique YRGB 32-bit float image processing!

DaVinci Resolve’s Emmy™ award-winning image processing technology features deep 32-bit float processing combined with unique, patented YRGB colour science that processes luminance independent of colour. This allows you to adjust the luminance of video without re-balancing the colour of your highlights, midtones, or shadows! The massive internal colour space is also perfect for the latest HDR and wide colour gamut workflows.

Mac, Windows and Linux – The only post production solution that runs on all popular platforms!

DaVinci Resolve runs on all major platforms so you can use it at home or in a post facility on a Mac, at a broadcast facility running Windows, or a VFX studio on Linux. This gives you the freedom to use the platform of your choice, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems and workflows. If you’re running Red Hat or CentOS Linux, you can even build your own workstation using low cost motherboards, extremely fast processors, massive amounts of RAM and up to 8 GPUs. Imagine building your own super computer for incredible real time performance!

Open and Compatible – The world’s most compatible post production solution!

With all of the different workflows and systems out there, you need a post production solution that’s compatible and open enough to handle anything! DaVinci Resolve has been designed to work with all major file formats, media types, and post production software. You can use XML, EDLs, or AAF to move projects between DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Premiere Pro. Deep integration with Fusion makes it easy to send shots out for VFX work, or you can roundtrip with software such as After Effects. For audio, projects can easily be moved between DaVinci Resolve and ProTools. When you’re on a tight deadline, you can count on DaVinci Resolve to “just work!”


Hardware Control Panels – Work faster, be more creative and get absolute control!

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel When you have a client looking over your shoulder you need to work fast. DaVinci Resolve control panels are designed to give you fluid, hands-on control over multiple parameters at the same time, allowing you to create looks that are simply impossible with a standard mouse! All controls are logically placed near your natural hand positions and are made out of the highest quality materials. You get smooth, high resolution weighted trackballs, along with precision engineered knobs and dials that feature the perfect amount of resistance so you can accurately adjust any setting. DaVinci Resolve control panels let you instinctively touch every part of the image!

DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel – DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel – DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

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