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Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro

Original price was: $1,239.00.Current price is: $1,110.00.

Videohub Master Control Pro is a newly designed router control panel that allows spin knob scrolling of all router sources and destinations as well as direct button entry of any router crosspoint.

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Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro

Original price was: $1,239.00.Current price is: $1,110.00.

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Blackmagic Videohub Master Control Pro

Videohub Master Control Pro is a newly designed router control panel that allows spin knob scrolling of all router sources and destinations as well as direct button entry of any router crosspoint.

Videohub Master Control Pro Features

  • Ethernet connection with Power over Ethernet and non powered loop through.
  • 110-240V volt power connection included for use with not powered by Ethernet.
  • Full access to every cross point on routers via direct entry or spin knob scrolling.
  • Spin knob allows customers to scroll through router labels in alphabetical order.
  • Direct button entry allows router labels to be typed in, or to limit to a scrolling list.
  • Supports optional “take” button set via software configuration.
  • Includes Mac and Windows software for control panel programming.
  • Button caps can be removed for easy labeling.
  • Buttons are illuminated by RGB LEDs for highest illumination quality.
  • Compact 1 rack unit size, approximately three inches deep.
  • Works with all Videohub models.

Videohub Master Control Pro Front

The new Videohub Master Control Pro provides a built in LCD with easy to read anti aliased graphic labels for full access to every single cross point on the largest 288 x 288 Videohub routers.

Master Control Pro allows for very flexible control because it has two main methods for changing cross points on Videohub routers. The simplest way to use Master Control Pro is for customers to simply select either destination or source and then scroll through all the cross points in the router using the larger knob on the right side of the panel. The built in LCD shows cross points as the user scrolls using large easy to read labels, and scroll order is based on alphabetical order of crosspoint labels so it’s easy to scroll to the crosspoint the customer requires even on a very large router.

Master Control Pro also includes direct entry of cross point labels via built in buttons. These buttons are a combination of customisable buttons as well as numeric buttons. Customers can easily set the customisable buttons to labels such as “Monitor”, “Deck” or “Edit” etc, and then router cross points can be entered in by simply pressing the custom button followed by the number. For example if a customer wanted to enter in the destination “Monitor 3” then they only need to select the customised Monitor button followed by the 3 button. This means Master Control Pro gives customers full access to very large routers, but is still very fast to use.

Direct entry buttons also allow limiting the scroll list when using the spin knob. For the above example, if the user presses the Monitor button, then the list available to the spin knob would be limited to any cross point labelled Monitor. The user can then type in 3 to select monitor 3 as in the example above, or just scroll through all the monitor labels and select Monitor 3 via the spin knob.

Master Control Pro is still low cost enough so every user in a facility can afford to install one, and they can be positioned anywhere needed so everyone has easy access to changing router cross points.

Master Control Pro features a new machined metal design with attractive RGB illuminated crystal look buttons combined with an attractive colour LCD for status and machined aluminium knob for scrolling cross points. This makes Master Control Pro one of the most attractive router control panels on the market. Blackmagic Design believes that even though routers are technical by nature, there is no reason why they have to be ugly. We believe that with the new Videohub Master Control Pro customers will see a dramatic improvement in ease of routing and a more pleasant user experience.

Master Control Pro has been designed to be easy for customers to self install. Videohub Master Control Pro uses standard Ethernet networking and simply plugs into the existing computer network. If used in mission critical environments, Master Control Pro could be connected to a dedicated switch. Videohub Master Control Pro can be powered via power over Ethernet (PoE) without the need for a power supply.

Because Videohub Master Control Pro has been designed to fit into creative post production facilities, it includes attractive crystal look buttons that are designed for high reliability. The button caps can be removed from the front to allow custom labelling of the buttons. For world’s best illumination quality, all buttons are illuminated by RGB LEDs so that a wider range of rich and clean colours can be displayed. When used in dark rooms, all buttons can be backlit, so button labels can be clearly seen.

“We have been asked for a new more stylish designed router control panel for our popular Videohub routers, We think we have a fantastic solution that will make all of our customers extremely happy!” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “It looks wonderful and I am so excited by its clean, simple and attractive design, plus the best part is Videohub Master Control Pro is low cost so we can place them everywhere. You have to see this working to really understand how fast that makes router control. It’s incredible and it’s fun too!”

Videohub Master Control Pro Rear

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